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Download TeamViewer – TeamViewer is the software that supports computer in long distance and be loved by many people all over the world with tens of thousands of downloads per hour, TeamViewer helps you connect to desktops, mobile devices and all devices at every place.

Overview of TeamViewer

Referring to TeamViewer, we immediately think about the hottest remote control software today, Teamviewer supports connecting computers, sharing multiple screens, supporting gaming, sending and receiving files and is especially easy. Connect the computer to the current Android and iOS phones.


Download TeamViewer – Remote access software, online meeting support

It can be said, since Teamviewer appeared, the support of accessing and controlling remote computers has become much simpler, helping you to interact and collaborate with others in exchanging and sharing information. information, instructions for using application software or fixing computer errors . Imagine, when you have Teamviewer, you can gather many people from all distances to the same space and everything you need as right in front of you, you don’t waste your time or energy as before.

Teamviewer helps you focus better at work and does not leave outstanding work when you can solve all problems remotely. We often say that when technology grows and goes away, the distance between people will be shortened. This is to show that you can be fully seated and still work and interact with others effectively without having to spend much time preparing, walking, or other complex operations. Currently Teamviewer is being used by many small and large businesses, allowing businesses to close the gap and get closer to their customers.

Teamviewer constantly updates new utility features

TeamViewer version has been improved and added many notable new features. Usually remote support solutions are designed for information technology technicians. However, with TeamViewer everyone can use it. You can easily set up connections to and from PC and connect between computers to support real-time, or access files, networks and programs.

Besides, TeamViewer users can also use scripts to automate repetitive processes, saving time for common tasks. For files uploaded to the Management Board, you can easily access them in each session. Save time and money by automating repetitive processes.

The new version of TeamViewer also improves the speed and durability for users working with these connections thanks to the intelligent adaptive compression function that automatically detects bandwidth and compresses adjustments. In addition, users will experience a clearer and more effective interface design. Improved color layout provides a more intuitive design with simple distribution buttons and clear layout changes.

Teamviewer connects quickly and securely

Teamviewer uses bandwidth effectively to transfer data at a fast rate, hardware acceleration technology provides an optimal user experience when connecting and routing. Besides security features with AES end-to-end encryption (256 bits), random password for one-time access, RSA / private key exchange use 204. If you assign device to Teamviewer account provided, it sends a warning to you about disk space, Windows update status, virus protection and Windows firewall.


Download TeamViewer, connect, control remote computers, online

Teamviewer will create a policy set to enforce, changes in installation policies are automatically applied to all devices. Teamviewer can connect multiple devices at the same time with modern tabbed windows for users to easily manipulate. Regarding the speed, the stability of the connection and the ability to display images on other machines, Teamviewer is highly appreciated, than its current rival, UltraViewer. Besides, Teamviewer also supports user account control, direct LAN connection via TCP / IP and virtual private network.

Teamviewer supports turning on or restarting a remote computer within a local area network or through a router in safe mode, performing copying and pasting files, photos or documents from one computer to another. via clipboard is synchronized. Users can easily send a combination of special keys to the remote device ignoring operating system differences. Connection settings can be saved for group use. Teamviewer also generates reports that come and go to show who did what, when and for how long.

About meeting and presentation features, Teamviewer is quite an effective tool when you need to schedule, organize and send invitations for meetings, and create an online meeting right away from the Outlook calendar. In particular, Teamviewer also dispensed the right to distinguish between meeting organizers, presenters and participants. VoIP chat features, video conferencing and telephone conferencing are all supported when interacting and communicating in meetings. You can use the key to control the number of new participants. On the screen sharing feature, you can share the whole or just select the application’s window to share.

Teamviewer supports remote for computers and mobile

Teamviewer works on many different platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, universal Windows platform and BlackBerry. Users can connect PC to PC, from PC to mobile and from mobile to mobile, from outdated operating system versions to modern system versions, without the need for complicated configuration steps Junk, can operate after the firewall and automatically detect the proxy. Comes with connectivity features including instant messaging, offline messaging, group chat in a safe environment for better interpersonal and group interaction.

Users can use the API to integrate Teamviewer into applications, support computer access, create report contacts, manage users, policy deployment and session management; or integrate Teamviewer into mobile applications by sharing the screen of SDK for Android and iOS mobile. Chat feature from the Web browser environment is fully equipped and maximum support for users.

Teamviewer 14 supports mobile very well, bringing the first and unique iOS screen sharing solution to the current technology market. This is especially useful for IP technicians when it comes to providing remote customer care, solving problems most promptly and accurately. In addition, Teamviewer 14 also supports remote control for Motorola devices. The TeamViewer Remote Control Android update helps unload users in finding and connecting devices more easily.


TeamViewer Software, Remote Assistance, Remote Access, Online Collaboration and Meetings

Currently Teamviewer 14 version has been sent to users with many improvements in both interface and features hope to bring more benefits than the previous versions of Teamviewer and Teamviewer 12. As follows:

Send and receive files easily

Teamviewer 14 optimizes your workflow by sending and transferring visual files, securely converting files between devices by strictly controlling processes. This version also allows you to view the operating system computers, processors, RAM of each device on the management board without requiring connection setup. The automatic task assignment feature saves time when assigning tasks to team members.

Teamviewer 14 helps to quickly connect to frequently used devices without losing search, providing remote device information such as uptime, serial number, hard drive health, battery level. Besides the function of arranging, grouping and sharing computers with the contact address if needed; Add users and devices, share groups, transfer files at speeds up to 200 MB / sec.

Effective solution for online meetings

Teamviewer 14 also helps you record sessions with audio, voice over IP protocols, videos and photos, save videos to AVI format. Remote printing is also a significant improvement with the ability to print full-color documents on local print blood, automatically detecting installed printers. Teamviewer 14 is evaluated as an effective business communication solution when it is given the right to control the security IP system for the technology department to bring the best services and businesses to businesses and entrepreneurs.

In addition, Teamviewer 14 version brings a clearer, more organized user interface, faster operation.

Compared to many of the current remote control software, Teamviewer has reached a threshold where any software can catch up, but the developer is constantly innovating to better meet customer needs.

Overall, Teamviewer is currently the number one software for connecting and controlling remote computers, the ability to connect to any system from around the world. You can both do professional work and chat and chat with others. Teamviewer is especially useful for the convenience of administrators, communication and customer guides to help you save time and improve work efficiency.