Own IDM, the software that automatically supports the download link on the best web browser today, downloading videos, MP3 audio or many text formats, ZIP, RAR, ISO, EXE files … is no longer The problem is difficult for each of us. Can use Internet Download Manager on Chrome, Coc Coc, Firefox are all the most popular browsers today.

Internet Download Manager (IDM) – Download extremely high-speed files, support all formats.

IDM 6.35 Build 1 is currently the latest version, in addition to improving the performance of downloading popular file formats on Chrome, Firefox, a new feature in this version is IDM support for download. Pale Moon browser version 28.


Download IDM 6.35 Build 1, accelerate file downloading extremely fast

Internet Download Manager (IDM) continues to further improve file download speeds, audio and video recognition capabilities in the web content player, and supports Firefox 63 browser and fixes a number of other minor download errors. file. Using IDM is the simplest and perfect way for you to own any data you need.

IDM allows you to download almost all data formats online, at speeds 5 times faster than normal speed or faster thanks to multi-threaded downloading technology and file splitting techniques. Go back, and run in some antivirus software to ensure absolutely safe file downloads.

The options on IDM are quite rich and allow users to customize their way, such as downloading files by multiple options, saving files in different ways, the latest IDM version adds Windows compatibility. 10, bug fixes compatible with different browsers including Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, improved video editor to save videos from web players on websites.

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is one of the best rated download software available today thanks to compatibility with most browsers, operating system platforms and downloadable file types. different news. IDM version enhancements bring richer, more advanced features, and identify videos for better download.


IDM software has the speed of downloading files from the internet very quickly

IDM software has the speed of downloading files from the internet very quickly to user computers, IDM supports many popular formats such as Video, Text files, Setup, compressed files .RAR, .Zip, MP3 audio, iOS files windows …. In addition, IDM has many other useful integrated features such as computer shutdown timer, and especially downloading files from Google Drive, the major online storage service today.

IDM is also known as Internet Download Manager. It is a software that supports downloading data including software installation files, RAR, ZIP file formats .. image, audio, video files … on the Current popular web browser. The difference in IDM is that auto-downloading links that users do not need to assign links like some other software.

Internet Download Manager (IDM) version 6.35 Build 5 fixes problems when Download Video Stream, improves the ability to catch video links on different browsers.

Software (Internet Download Manager) supports downloading files on most web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Coc Coc … With the task of automatically catching links and speeding up the download process, you completely You can download multiple files at once and download large data on storage services.


Software that supports idm download now has updated to version 6.32 build 1 with lots of new features updated as well as errors that have been fixed on famous web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera. .. Taimienphi offers you a full version of idm so you can enjoy the full functionality of this tool. Users using IDM can be assured and use this tool to support downloading all data formats on Chrome, Opera … without worrying about frequent errors with the chapter.

IDM was developed to meet the full use of users including: downloading Youtube videos, downloading Facebook videos … and especially downloading HD-quality movies from large and small video sharing sources. different. IDM reduces file download time by accelerating download speeds by hundreds of times.

It may be slightly worse than IDM, but the number of users using Free Download Manager is also not that low. Free Download Manager supports a fast file download speed because of the latest download technology, so by splitting the download file into multiple sections and downloading them simultaneously – this is also the outstanding feature of IDM.

IDM software is known for automatically downloading links on video, audio sharing websites and under user settings. Users only need to click on the download link to download the data file to their computer. File download speed is not controversial. With a video of more than 1G, it only takes a little time, you can download the idm software and can see it right on your device.

Not only can IDM be integrated in today’s famous web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox or CocCoc, but IDM can be integrated and other file downloading software if users want to speed up their download process. faster up. Some software featured in downloading Torrent files such as uTorrent or software to download drivers for computers such as DriverEasy, IDM can support to improve file download speed. As you know, some computer drivers are up to hundreds of Mb, downloading with software that supports driver downloads is very time consuming, so combining with IDM is a completely effective solution.

Internet Download Manager’s new update feature (IDM) 6.35 build 1:

– Add proxy identification feature in the browser and use it automatically in IDM when IDM cannot download directly. Active identification for all VPN extensions in Firefox and for some VPN extensions in Google Chrome.

– Additional features to set the title “User agent” to download manually. You can do that in IDM Options -> “Download” Tab. The settings of the antivirus software have been switched to a ffrunk dialog to simplify the “Download” tab.

– Enhance the ability to identify videos in the web player

– Determine the cause of the “403 Forbidden” error when downloading some videos and make a solution decided.

Internet Download Manager software (IDM) supports fast file download speeds that have been updated to the improved version of IDM 6.35 Build 5 to support new browsers. Version 6.30 Build 9, improved IDM enhances support features with the latest Firefox web browser. In addition, improve the ability to catch links to download videos when viewed on Google Chrome, along with improving the validation of video and audio formats on a number of websites and many improvements to support downloading files from web browsers better.

The most striking feature of IDM is that it automatically catches the download link for videos, but because of some errors, idm does not catch the link as usual, causing many embarrassing people to know how to handle it. Some small tips will help you recover this feature for IDM.


Download IDM 6.35 build 5

Internet Download Manager program is considered as a great tycoon among many current download support software in both the number of users and the preeminent features. It can be said that this tool has dominated and increasingly surpassed rivals on the way to reaching perfection, best serving the needs of users.

Internet Download Manager application brings you satisfaction when you use it to download any file, data from the Internet, so even though there are lots of new applications launched with similar functionality but many people still hesitate to change. If your computer does not have IDM installed, you can now test it to see the surprises the software offers.

Everyone knows Internet Download Manager (also known as IDM download or IDM) with the ability to download files and files from the Internet to your computer with fast speed, quality assurance. For computer users, Internet Download Manager has become so familiar, is one of the indispensable software for enthusiasts to download fast files.

All users today have been using IDM software to download videos, mp3 music … lots of other data on the internet to their computers. There are also people who use some other software to download such as EagleGet or Free Download Manager …. In which EagleGet is used more.

In addition to speeding up downloading files, IDM also helps you manage and monitor the entire download process, downloaded files, can adjust and improve its already fast download speeds. Of the hundreds of software that need to be installed on your computer, IDM is always the first software to be installed first. Speed ​​and utility are what IDM brings to users, the latest versions are always updated to help users easily download files. From now on, you can download the latest internet download manager.

Orbit Downloader is also a good download support software from many users thanks to the integrated multi-source and p2p download technology, supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS protocols. Besides Orbit Downloader can download videos from popular online video sharing sites today.

Besides, IDM also regularly improves features, focusing on compatibility with the new version of the browser, giving better priority to downloading music and videos. The built-in feature for recognizing and downloading audio files, this video of IDM is preferred by many people, but many people do not like it, of course users can remove the option to automatically link these files in the configuration section. IDM.

Overall Internet Download Manager (IDM) has been the most popular download support application today and almost no rivals. The reason it captures the trust of most users is that the features have been tested over a long period of time, updating and adapting in time with changing browser versions. Download download manager and own a treasure to download all kinds of files from the Internet with the fastest speed, best quality.

IDM (Internet Download Manager) is one of the software that supports downloading rare files currently on the Internet. With extremely fast file download speeds, users can use IDM to download any type of text, video, audio, installation file … from the internet to their computers. File size can be up to tens of GB but with a stable network connection, the download time of IDM is very short.

IDM software supports full download of file formats on the internet today, users can download EXE installation files or ISO files up to dozens of GB (If combined with high-speed internet connection, it will be faster. Besides, Internet Download Manager integrates with leading web browsers to help users automatically download files.

Tip If you are warned by IDM that the expiry date is expired

Because IDM is commercial software, only for users to use for 30 days for free. After 30 days, if you do not activate software copyright, readers will not download the file with IDM anymore. At this time, you need to buy copyright or can use some other free download software like Free Download Manager … Or use CocCoc browser to automatically download link

1. Customize the speed of IDM file download

– In fact, it must be affirmed that the file download speed depends on the internet package you are using so in order to speed up the download of the file, the most effective is to increase the package. With the economy of many people, this condition has not been met. However, you can customize some of the following functions, ensuring that you will significantly increase the download speed of IDM.


Method 1:

Step 1: Start IDM

Start the internet download manager

Step 2: Select the Downloads tab, select the Option tab. An option window appears

Step 3: Here, select the Connection tab

+ At Connection Type / speed select High speed … (as shown in the picture)

+ At Default max. I n. The number of selected max is 16 for Adsl network with good speed, if it is FTTH network (fiber optic) or Adsl but big package and computer has good configuration, it can be set to 32, if setting up multiple connections but network is slow will affect other tasks because IDM will try to use the entire network, and sometimes crashes the network, resulting in interrupted file downloads. Another problem is that splitting and multiplexing causes more fragmentation of the hard drive, sometimes reducing the life of the hard drive.

+ For those who download a lot, download data up to hundreds of GB, then uncheck it at Download limits. If you have a moderate download, about 30Gb or less, to choose the defaultStep 4: Click OK to execute the edit


Method 2:

Step 1: Click on Start Menu, Select Run (Windows + R shortcut)

Step 2: Type gpedit.msc, a Group Policy table appears


Step 3: In this Group Policy table select Administrative Templates> select Network> Select QoS Packet Scheduler


Step 4: Here, look at the right side of the window, double-click Limit reservable bandwidth, and the Limit reservable bandwidth table will appear.

Step 5: In the Limit reservable bandwidth table, select Enabled (Reduce Bandwidth limit from 20% to 0%), then Click OK.


Internet Download Manager is a utility tool that helps computer users to download large data files and video files with lightning speed.

IDM’s mechanism is to split large files into smaller files and at the same time download them and then merge them into a complete file for users, with this mechanism for any Any file is downloaded quickly and accurately. So this IDM tool has become too familiar to users.

Key features of Internet Download Manager:

– Speed ​​up downloading documents and files to your computer:

This is a basic feature and is the main feature of IDM, with software to download and download downloaded files, all documents and movies you want to download to your computer will be done in a short time by IDM will increase the download speed of files up to thousands of times, fast download is also the way people describe this software. Unfortunately, there is no IDM version on mobile yet, if combined with Clean Master is a perfect combination. However, you can download the internet download manager for your computer to take advantage of all the great features this software offers.

– Support and compatible with all browsers:

Internet Download Manager will help you download data faster from almost all popular formats today. By using the function key you can also integrate IDM with all Internet browsers.

– IDM Download files with simple operation:

Operation with idm download is very simple, with just one click you have completed the task of downloading data, pausing or continuing to download the machine, installing it easily and quickly.

– Download simple and quick videos:

Internet Download Manager will help you automatically download videos on online video sharing sites when you access and watch videos on these websites.

– Find and check the virus automatically before downloading the file to your computer:

This function will help you avoid virus intrusion during the download of data files to your computer. As long as your computer has antivirus software installed, downloaded files will be automatically checked and scanned for viruses before downloading.

– Drag and drop feature:

With just a mouse, you can drag and drop links to download data, or take data out of Internet Download Manager

– Simple installation and use:

When installing, download idm will automatically create basic settings for you and check your network connection so you can avoid the most difficult problems when installing this software.

– Support multiple languages:

Internet Download Manager supports you in many different languages ​​in all countries of all continents